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You shall receive the best professional service and advice resulting in the highest quality product. Our services are specially designed to meet your needs so you only pay for what you require – whether you are looking for a specific solution, a custom design, an out-of-the-box or a turnkey solution.

We employ both cut-edge and proven technologies, undertaking a proof of concept verification of the solution, by developing a prototype which closely resemble the final product. We refrain from prototyping on maker platforms as the outcomes are challenges are completely different to the desired solution. As the result, this reduces re-work during  prototyping, time-to-market and development costs.

We upgrade and re-design your out-of-date or malfunctioning products to meet your most recent requirements – including updating all related technical documentation, software and replacing obsolete parts or end-of-life components.

We have the capabilities of integrating systems and sub-systems together forming a complete solution. Our integrated design solutions are closely knit with standard industrial-type interfaces. Our complex designs are usually modular so that you may select the desired granularity to meet your requirements. Thereby, only using the modules you require for specific functions.

We also design, set-up and configure NVIDIA GPUs, Intel Movidius sticks and edge computing platforms for AI deployment.

We make it happen

robust and reliable designs


PCB Design (Rigid, Flex, Rigid-Flex)
PCB Schematics and Layouts
Embedded System Development
Proof of Concept and Prototyping
Reverse and Re-engineering
PCB Manufacturing and Assembly (Trade Partners)
Component Selection, Procurement and Kitting
Fault-finding, Diagnostics and Testing


tested and validated 


Artificial Intelligence
Facial Recognition
NVIDIA Jetpack
CUDA, cuDNN and TensorRT
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