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Purchase of Products

Purchase of our products will be made through our online platform; except in the case of special orders. We, upon acceptance of an order you placed, shall supply and/or deliver the product(s) specified in you order, pursuant to the Terms & Conditions herein.

Special Orders

Special Orders are orders made to your requirements or outside the products which are sold on our online store.

Price of Products

Price of products advertised on our online store are in Singapore Dollars (SGD). These are gross prices, excluding all discounts, taxes, delivery, shipment, custom duties, clearances charges, bank fees and other miscellaneous charges, if any.

The prices payable by you for products you have selected and checked out using our online store will appear on your order. Where applicable, the relevant shipping and taxes costs will appear as separate line items on the ‘Checkout’ page and your order. Note that GST (a 7% sales tax) will only appear for customers based in Singapore.

Products with sale tags will be the gross price of the products you purchase on sale or on promotion. You cannot redeem our coupons for products that have sale tags displayed on our online store.

Price of products may vary from time-to-time due to the change in manufacturers price, market conditions, sales or promotions, or any other causes beyond our reasonable control.


Your order will be displayed once all products in your shopping cart are checked out. When you are sure you want to proceed with the purchase, your order will be generated once you click the ‘PLACE ORDER’ button; thus, constituting a sales transaction. By checking the ‘I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions’ check box, you accept our Terms & Conditions herein.

Your order on the ‘Checkout’ page will consist of product(s) you selected by adding to your shopping cart, discounts you avail via our coupons, shipping cost (if applicable) and tax (if applicable); all listed as separate line items.

Fees and/or exchange rates (where applicable) imposed by payment platforms such as Stripe, PayPal or banks are not shown in your order. If any, they will be payable by you directly to the institution you have selected as the payment method.

In the event that the product you receive is fundamentally different in nature from the product described on the our online store, refer to the Refund & Return Policy herein.


The payment payable by you will be the ‘Total’ amount indicated on the ‘Checkout’ page and order we email to you. The ‘Subtotal’ amount is the list of all line item product(s) you intend to purchase. This will follow ‘Shipping’ and ‘GST’ line items and their corresponding amounts, where applicable.

When you are satisfied with your choice of products and pricing, selecting the payment method and clicking the ‘PLACE ORDER’ button on the ‘Checkout’ page will take you to the payment platform you have selected. This will allow you to make the payment using your Debit / Credit Card or PayPal account.

You will only charged when you receive a notification from the payment platform institution that your payment/transaction is successful .

Failing to make the payment, your order will not be processed and will not be made ready for pickup, delivery or shipment.

We shall not be responsible for any delays of delivery of your order which you are caused by you.

Delivery of Products

Once you make the payment of your order and after we process our order, your package consisting of the product(s) listed in your order will be made ready for pickup, delivery or shipment.

Your package will be delivered to you at your delivery address stated in the ‘Checkout’ page or your online shopping account. Please ensure that you enter your correct address details. We would not be held responsible in the event your package is shipped to an incorrect delivery address.

Should all or part of your delivery address prove incorrect, thereby obliging us to return the orders to our warehouse, you shall bear the consequences thereof and we shall be entitled to charge administrative and transportation costs associated with returning your package.

Delivery dates quoted or referred to on our website are approximate only and are affected by unforeseen circumstances or in circumstances where bad weather, traffic and a delivery backlog during public holidays may prevail.

In the event of delays in delivery or in the event where you did not receive your package within the expected delivery period, please contact us at sales@consultiv8.com. We will endeavour to locate and expedite delivery of your package.

Tracking your Order

You may track the delivery status of your a order by using our online ‘Track you Order’ page and entering your order number.

However, detailed tracking may not be available for some delivery or shipping services since it is not mandatory for your package to be scanned at every stage of the deliver process.


Once you have made the payment of your order, your invoice will be emailed to you.

Product Description and Accuracy of Information

We strive to ensure that all product descriptions, specifications, features and paraphernalia used on our platform are correct, current, consistent and accurate; and describes the product, exactly as is and its intended use. However, information may change periodically to keep content more current so that you have the latest updates.

Rarely, would information regarding our product(s) be inconsistent, inaccurate or out of date. If so, this may be due to not having the current or correct information from our manufacturer(s) or an oversight on our part. In this case, we will come to a settlement with you.

Prices and availability may vary from time-to-time based on promotions and sales. We have no intention of misrepresenting or misleading you with incorrect or inaccurate in order to promote our products.


We have given you the ability to back-order products online when stocks run low. In this case, please note that we may not be able to fulfil the delivery of your back-order to you on time. This may be attributed to manufacturing and/or logistic reasons in procuring the product from the manufacturer. Hence, you may encounter a delay in receiving your order. Further, we are unable to guarantee that the product which you have back-ordered is available as our manufacturer may decide, without notice, not to proceed with the manufacturing that particular model as it enters its end-of-life or renders that product model, obsolete.

Intellectual property

All intellectual property and content used on our website shall be and remain our sole and exclusive property are owned, licensed or controlled by us or given ti us by our associates the right of use. We take intellectual property seriously and in the event this right is violated, we will act as required by the law.

No part(s) our website or any content may be copied, reproduced, stored or transmitted in any way, form or means without prior written consent from us.

Trademarks, either registered or unregistered, by us or our third-parties shall at any circumstances, be copied or reproduced.


We do not accept any products from our manufacturers which are not checked for quality control prior to leaving their factory. The purpose of these quality checks are to ensure that a product is:

  • made to specification, meets the design criteria and operates as specified
  • free from any defects

We also inspect for defect, undertake performance test before we ship to you to ensure that the product you receive is in proper working order.

Defective products are either discarded or returned to the manufacturer. Hence, it would be unlikely that you receive a defective or damaged product, unless damaged in transit.


We warrant that all our products are brand new. All original parts are used in our products.

Our manufacturers do not warranty their products, unless otherwise stated in the relevant product page under ‘Product Description’ on our online store and shall be limited by the terms and conditions therein. By default, if warranty is not stated therein, then that product does not have a warranty.

Where applicable, he warranty and conditions applied is as offered by the manufacturer of that particular product.

In the event of you experiencing any problems with the product, please notify us within eight (8) calendar days of you receiving your product. We shall endeavour to investigate and address the issue. In genuine cases of damage or defect, you will be either be refunded or replaced with a new product.

Failure of reporting any problems within eight (8) calendar days of you receiving your product, will not be considered.

Refund & Return Policy

All goods purchased and delivered to you are neither refundable nor exchangeable, except in the case of a product not conforming to specifications or as stipulated in Paragraph 4, under the Warranty section herein.

All refunds are conditional upon our acceptance of a valid return of the product.

Depending on the circumstances you have the option to return the product or ask for a refund. You have eight(8) calendar days to report the problem with the product to us. Failure to so do within this period, a replacement or refund shall not be considered.

Any return must be in the original packaging and in unused condition, otherwise it would be unaccepted and non-refundable.

Once your return is received and inspected, we will notify you, via email, that we have received your package. We will follow up by another email to notify you whether we approve or reject your refund and give reasons why it has not be approved or partially approved. You have the right to refute the rejection.

After approval, your refund will be processed, and a credit will automatically be applied to your Debit / Credit Card, PayPal or the original method of payment used for making the purchase, except for cash-on-delivery. We endeavour to make refunds available as soon as possible. We cannot guarantee a refund reaching your account within a specified time as the processing of payment may be due to delays beyond our control.

Limitation of Liability

We are not liable to you for any direct or indirect loss or damage of product due to:

  • negligence and carelessness, misuse, accident
  • unsafe use and improper storage
  • use outside the products’ specified temperature and/or operating conditions
  • repair work by you or any third-party unqualified to do so
  • being changed, altered or modified or retrofitted in anyway, means or form
  • failure to comply with operating instructions on the use of the product

The safe use of our product is solely your responsibility. Before using a particular product, you may require special knowledge, skill and experience. If you are unsure about the safety hazards that particular product exposes, please seek profession advice or contact us on support@consultiv8.com. In operating of some tools and equipment, protective apparel such as safety glasses and safety goggles must be worn. In the case of an electrical and electronic product, please ensure you operate the product within its specified voltage and current ratings.

We do not indemnify you as a result of electrocution, injury, or loss of life.

Queries and Complaints

For queries and complaints regarding your purchase, you may contact us at support@consultiv8.com.


Notifications, such as status of orders, payments, invoices, deliveries and refunds will be sent to you via email.

You will also be sent notifications of our sales and promotions from time-to-time via email and/or social media platforms. if you would like to be excluded from such notifications you have the option to unregister from this service.

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